Fast Forward Quilt Along, Part Four


Fast Forward

Time to quilt the zigzag row!


The zigzag design in progress. How much you finish will depend on the depth of your machine’s throat.

 I opted to echo down the sides of the zigzag to emphasize its shape and help hide the seams.  Then I used my 3” Good Measure Every Ribbon Candy Quilting Template, along with my Every Angle Template, to fill the space.  People get nervous when quilting ribbon candy but the templates make it easy.

 There are a few options for tackling the corners of a ribbon candy motif and my handout outlines each one.

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Watch this video to see how I quilted the zigzag area, including the corners, here!

 If you are quilting on a frame you’ll want to stop for the month before the Fabric B area is rolled under the deadbar.  If you are on a sit-down go ahead and finish quilting the entire zigzag motif.

 If you missed the previous posts which give you yardage and piecing directions you can find them here:

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Happy quilting to all of you!


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