Fast Forward Quilt Along, Part Five


Fast Forward

Let’s fill the Fabric B area with more geese.  Since these geese aren’t pieced but are simply suggested by the quilting, I’ll call them “shadow geese”.

In quilting these motifs I’m taking advantage of the fact that our eyes love to pick up on pattern.  These “shadow geese” will move our eyes across the quilt.  We’ll make them look even better next month when we add free-motion!  Note that I also added linear elements to the Fabric B Background area but not to the Fabric A area.  I’m deliberately creating contrast between the two sides of the quilt.


Quilting “Shadow Geese”.


Quilting the lines behind the “Shadow Geese”.

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Watch this video to see how I quilted the Fabric B area here!

 If you missed the previous posts which give you yardage and piecing directions you can find them here:

We aren’t finished quite yet, but we are getting very, very close.  Next month it is all about free-motion, and you don’t have to be an expert to create contrast with the geometric motifs we have quilted so far!

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Happy quilting to all of you!


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