Fuse & Fleece

OESD has an embroidery product that is great for adding just a light touch of dimension to an embroidery project – or ANY project!  Fuse & Fleece is a very sturdy but extremely thin and lightweight fleece with a fusible coating on one side.  To use it, just press the coated side to the wrong side of your project, then finish as desired. 

Fuse & Fleece fusible fleece works particularly well for making coasters because the thinness of the fleece adds dimension, but it is flat enough that cups and glasses will sit securely on top.  If you want to make the coasters in the picture, just fuse the Fuse & Fleece to the wrong side of the hoop sized rectangle of fabric.  Add a lining fabric (wrong side out) to the back and hoop the three layers as one.  Embroider a quilt motif, and add a square around the motif either using embroidery software, or by stitching on your machine.  Trim a quarter inch outside the stitches line,  fray the edges, and enjoy!

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