Holiday Banner with BERNINA Toolbox Software

It’s time to deck the halls! We’ll be using Toolbox embroidery software to design a simple and festive holiday banner. This design utilizes the Lettering and Editing modules for this project, if you don’t have the full bundle installed!

Materials to Sew an Embroidered Holiday Banner

Steps to Sew an Embroidered Holiday Banner

Step 1. Set up design

Begin by laying out the embroidery design in Toolbox. I’m using these leaf laurels from the BERNINA Cloud design library. Fun fact: these were designed by BERNINA ambassador Lizzy House! Use the editing module to make a mirror image and create two laurels opposite each other.

Holiday Banner Tutorial - Deck The Halls

Next, use lettering and a cute, modern script font to add the phrase “and a happy new year” in three separate lines. The lettering I chose is called “Diner Script”. Once these are laid out as desired, group all the text together.

Holiday Banner Tutorial Deck The Halls - lettering

The last design change I’ll make is to change our thread colors. This can be done in BERNINA machines but it’s much easier to manipulate in software.

The thread colors I’m using are Isacord #5912 Erin Green, #1703 Poppy, and #0873 Stone.

Holiday Banner Tutorial, Deck The Halls- recolor

The very last step is to export. For BERNINA machines, choose an .exp file. Although the B 880 PLUS, B 790 PLUS, and new 5 Series machines are capable of reading multiple file types, .exp is still the best format for our machines.

Save your design to a USB drive to be transferred over to the sewing machine.

Step 2. Hoop your fabric

Use a low-tack spray adhesive, like 505 Spray Baste, to adhere the Ultra Clean & Tear Stabilizer to the back of the fabric. Hoop these two layers in the jumbo hoop.

Holiday Banner, Deck The Halls - hooping

Step 3. Stitch out

This is the easiest part! Attach the #26 embroidery foot to the machine. Load your design into the machine, adjust placement if necessary, and let it run.

Holiday Banner Tutorial - Embroidery

This design is pretty simple and only require two thread changes so your embroidery will be finished in no time!

Holiday Banner, Deck The Halls - Stabilizer

Once you’re done stitching, remove the tear away stabilizer and give your embroidery a good press.

Step 4. Cut to shape

Next, we’ll cut the embroidered panel and the backing fabric to shape for our hanging banner at the same time. Cut the two pieces to 12.5” wide by 14.5” tall.

Holiday Banner Tutorial - Cutting

To create the angled bottom, fold the two pieces in half lengthwise. Along the raw edge opposite the fold, mark a point 2” from the bottom edge. Cut an angle from the center fold of the bottom edge to this marking.

Holiday Banner Tutorial - Cutting at an angle

Step 5. Stitch together

Place the two banner fabrics right sides together and seam together using the #97D foot and a ¼” seam allowance. Leave an opening at the top edge (the edge opposite of the pointed bottom).

Holiday Banner Tutorial, Deck The Halls - seam

Flip right side out and press. Switch to the #10D foot and move your needle position over to -5. Topstitch the perimeter using a triple straight stitch.

Holiday Banner Tutorial, Deck The Halls - needle position

Step 6. Create pole pocket

Fold the top edge of the banner down 1.5” over to the wrong side (your printed fabric side). Stitch the edge down to create a sleeve for your dowel. Try a triple straight stitch or another decorative stitch that strikes your fancy!

Holiday Banner Tutorial, Deck The Halls - topstitch

Holiday Banner Tutorial - press

Holiday Banner Tutorial - seam pocket

Step 7. Hang it up!

Holiday Banner Tutorial, Deck The Halls - hang

Insert a wooden dowel into your pole pocket and use twine or cording to hang your banner from the ends. Ta-da! Instant holiday cheer!

Holiday Banner Tutorial

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