How to Sew Rick Rack Trim

I always thought rick rack trim was for crafty projects or children’s clothes. Over the last year or so, rick rack has gotten a very glam makeover. I’ve been seeing it used on a lot of high-end designer clothes, and also on accessories such as handbags and shoes.

Rickrack Trim Tutorial Fashion Examples - BERNINA WeAllSew Blog - Erica Bunker

Rick rack comes in a variety of colors and widths from baby, medium (regular), jumbo to an extra wide width.

Rickrack Trim Tutorial - Assorted Rickrack Sizes - BERNINA WeAllSew Blog - Erica Bunker


For this project, I will be showing you how I used rick rack to trim my top, it’s McCall Patterns 7780. I trimmed this top two ways: I used inseam rick rack and the more common way of simply sewing on top of the fabric.

Materials Needed to Sew Rick Rack Trim


How to Sew Inseam Rick Rack Trim

Step 1

When sewing rick rack, my advice is to give yourself a guide line. You can either mark a line directly onto the fabric, or use a straight stitch from your machine. Whichever one you like best.  To sew rick rack trim inseam, working on the right side of the fabric — mark your guide line 1/8″ inside the seam allowance. I’m using a standard 5/8″ seam allowance, so my guide line is 1/2″ from the fabric edge.

Inseam Rickrack - Step 1

Step 2

Inseam Rickrack - Step 2

Rick rack trim has valleys and mountains, at least that’s what I’m going to call them. You want to align your valleys right below your guide line. You can use a pin to hold in place.

Step 3

Inseam Rickrack - Step 3

Using the BERNINA #20 Open Embroidery Foot, sew the rickrack trim by following the guide line.

Step 4

Inseam Rickrack - Step 4

This is how it looks.

Step 5

Inseam Rickrack - Step 5

With right sides together, get ready to stitch your seam. Use a pin to secure in place if necessary.

Step 6

Inseam Rickrack - Step 6

Stitch using a 5/8″ seam allowance.

Step 7

Inseam Rickrack - Step 7

Open out the fabric and press.

Step 8

Inseam Rickrack - Step 8

Then fold fabric back, wrong sides together and press.

Rickrack Trim Tutorial - How to sew Inseam Rickrack

I used this technique for edging trim on the shoulder straps and around the neckline.

Rickrack Trim Tutorial

I also added rick rack trim around the hems of the sleeves and the top.

Step 1

Rickrack Hem Trim - Step 1

After you’ve sewn your hem in place, place the rick rack trim on the edge. Using the edge of the hem as your guide, place the rick rack valleys level with the edge. Pin in place.

Step 2

Rickrack Hem Trim - Step 2

Using the BERNINA #20 Open Embroidery Foot and thread that matches the color of your rick rack, so straight down the middle of the rick rack.

Step 3

Rickrack Hem Trim - Step 3

This is how it looks and the thread is basically invisible.

Step 4

Rickrack Hem Trim - Step 4

I repeated with various colors and sizes of rickrack trim using coordinating thread.

Rickrack Trim Tutorial

Here are some tips: In case you fear the colors may run during the wash cycle, use a laundry color catcher.

Also, the do to its nature, the rick rack trim will curl up after it’s washed and dried. Simply give it a good pressing!

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