“Name That Stitch” with Libby Lehman

In yesterday’s Sunrise Baby Quilt Sew-Along post we gave you some tips for stitching perfect 1/4″ seams. For even more helpful advice, watch the first episode of The Quilt Show’s new series, “Name That Stitch” with Libby Lehman. This series is not just for quilters! Focusing on the the straight stitch – the simplest sewing machine stitch, available on every sewing machine – Libby shows the effects of different factors, such as stitch length, presser foot, and stitch plate on this versatile stitch.




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One comment on ““Name That Stitch” with Libby Lehman”

  • Oh, the wondrous mysteries: unravelled! It was very instructive to me. Simply moving the needle over can cause the bobbin thread to come up at an angle. And Libby also showed us the value of using the straight stitch plate. I look forward to more “Name That Stitch” videos. Thank you so much.

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