Using Picture Fonts with PaintWork

In my experiments with the PaintWork Tool and Software I have getting my graphics from “picture fonts” or “dingbat fonts.” There are so many available, and they are free! Lately, I have using for my downloads. Go to the “Dingbat” section for the fonts that contain images. This is the letter “G” from the font: “The French.”


I added curved text to create an interesting logo design, and instead of leaving the fill solid, I changed the density to 3. I also experimented with a 2mm pen and a PaintWork fill density of 5.

Click here to download the fleur design in Draw format for software and EXP file for immediate use.

PaintWork Fleur-de-lis on sweatshirt knit.


Finished PaintWork fleur-de-lis.



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