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Basic Tools for Beginners at WeAllSew


March 11 is National Tool Worship Day, a day to pay homage to your tools. Use this opportunity to take stock of the sewing tools in your toolbox, keep them clean and organized, and maybe add a new tool or two to your collection! Check out our compilation of WeAllSew posts about sewing tools, tool tips, and tool tutorials.

Basic Sewing Tools

These are tools that you can’t sew without! How many of these basic tools are in your toolbox?

Basic Tools for Beginners at WeAllSew

A good, basic set of sewing tools helps with the little tasks involved in sewing (careful measuring, pinning, and cutting for example). See our top list of sewing tool must-haves here!

Leather tools

Have you ever wanted to sew with leather? Read all about the most important tools you need to make your first leather project with your domestic sewing machine.

Favorite Sewing Tools at We All Sew

What basic tools do you absolutely need to start quilting, and what tools can you keep on your wish list for later? Read all about our expert Must-Have Tools for Quilters list here.

Beginner Paper Piecing, supplies

Paper piecing is a fine-tuned way of creating exact patchwork piecing, and this technique requires a different set of tools. Find out all about basic paper piecing tools (along with some great tips and easy projects) here.

Sewing Machine Tools: Presser Feet and Accessories

You know that old saying, it’s the tools you use that make a difference! A simple change of a presser foot can improve your end result, there is a presser foot or accessory to help you accomplish just about any sewing task, project, or technique you can think of.

What's in your kit: presser feete

So, why are there so many feet? Visit this post to find out why there are so many different BERNINA feet and accessories for you to use.

What's in your sewing kit from WeAllSew

Do you know how to use those basic feet and accessories that came with your sewing machine? This post will cover some of those basic presser feet and their common uses.

Difference between walking foot and dual feed at WeAllSew

The Walking Foot #50 and the Dual Feed available on some BERNINA models both have similar functions. Explore them both further in this post and learn when to use each tool to the fullest potential.


Meet the family of BERNINA Patchwork feet! Each one has a special use, learn all about each of the Patchwork feet here.

Circular embroidery attachment #83 Tips and Techniques

One of the most popular attachments for BERNINA sewing machines is the Circular Embroidery Attachment #83. This unique attachment allows you to sew and embroider perfect circles or semicircles and is easily screwed directly to the free-arm. Find tips and techniques to get started using the Circular embroidery attachment here.

Bias binder #88 in action

The BERNINA bias binder attachments can create a one-step finish for raw edges. Learn all about binding basics using Bias Binders #87 and #88 here.


Sewing Machines

It’s no surprise that our favorite sewing tools of all are the machines we use to create our projects. Keep your machines in tip-top shape with these helpful hints.

All about sewing machine needles

It’s amazing how something as small as a needle can make such a huge impact on your sewing project! So how do you make sure you are choosing the right needle for the sewing project you’re making? Check out our article All About Sewing Machine Needles here.

Sewing Machine Needles

If you sew a variety of projects and materials, here are the five basic sewing needles you should always have on hand!

BERNINA Stitch Plates

There’s more to creating that perfect stitch than just using the right kind of needle. Under the fabric, the stitch plate plays a crucial role. It is the flat platform supporting the fabric while the feed dog, presser foot and needle all do their thing. Read more about why there are different types of stitch plates and when to use them.

Sewing Machine Love and Care Tutorial

Regular cleaning and oiling of your machine will keep it running in tip top shape for many years. There are just a few basic things to know about caring for your BERNINA sewing machine with the BERNINA hook, featured in our 7 and 5 Series machines.

How to Clean and Oil Sewing Machines with a CB Hook - Hook Cleaning - remove the needle - remove the stitch plate - release bobbin case - bobbin case removed - dust out your machine - cleaning with a soft cloth - final wipe down

The CB hook system earned BERNINA the reputation for having excellent stitch quality. It is a beloved system known for its precision and excellent stitch quality. The key to helping these machines live long and prosper is taking care of them properly.

Sewing Tools to Make

Make a case to protect your favorite sewing shears or snips, create a dust cover for you machine, or make a simple pincushion to keep pins in place with these project tutorials.

Paper pieced color wheel pincushion tutorial




What better tool is there to make for yourself (or a friend who sews!) than a personalized pincushion? We think this calls for a pincushion party, and we’ve gathered together our best tutorials and patterns for all kinds of unique pin holders!

Scissors case tutorial from WeAllSew

Keep your best sewing shears and snips safe in a handmade scissors case with the free, downloadable pattern and tutorial.


Fabric weights are handy for helping to hold down paper patterns, rulers, or anything else you need to stay put on your sewing table. Make your own set of fabric sewing weights with this tutorial.

Sewing machine dust cover tutorial

Do you even need to step away from a project when you’re right in the middle of sewing? Throw this simple sewing machine dust cover over your machine to make sure your machine settings and thread are safe from little hands (or paws) until you get back to your machine.

If you are looking for a machine cover with a tighter fit, try this Reversible Sewing Machine Cover tutorial. This tutorial walks you through the steps of measuring your machine to make a custom-made, fun, and reversible machine cover.

Mini Scissors Case Tutorial

This mini scissors case features a little side pocket to keep track of little notions and a place to stick hand sewing needles and pins. Find the Mini Scissors Case tutorial here.

National Tool Day Giveaway!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win one limited edition BERNINA 125th Anniversary Presser Foot #1! Coated with 24K gold, the special edition Reverse pattern foot #1 is an optional accessory packaged in a beautiful commemorative tin complete with a golden spool of Mettler Thread, created in celebration of the BERNINA 125 Year Golden Anniversary.

Golden Anniversary Giveaway

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “What is your favorite sewing tool?” The the giveaway is open through Tuesay, March 31.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the WeAllSew.com blog by Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

39 thoughts on “Celebrate National Tool Day With WeAllSew

  1. My favorite sewing tool is my Kai scissors! Every project begins with cutting up that pretty fabric and my Kai scissors never disappoint me!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  2. I just got Karen Buckley’s scissors and have fallen in love with them for cutting intricate pieces for a Blue Heron wallhanging. My other loves are my 3 BERNINA sewing machines, the oldest is a 930 workhorse from 1985 and the newest is the 770qe with the embroidery attachment. You just can’t beat the metal machined parts that last for years and years.

  3. My absolute favorite sewing tool is my Bernina 790Plus — it does everything except brew coffee, and I love it! However, if it’s not allowed to use the machine as my favorite, my next favorite tool is my left-handed Martelli rotary cutter, which is ergonomic and so easy to use.

  4. My favorite sewing tool is the little clip ~ a small plastic jar full of them ~ that I use almost always instead of pins. They are such a handy addition to my sewing projects, and have lots of other uses too.

  5. My Bernina Sewing machine is my Favorite Tool. I look forward to sitting down and sewing; quilting and embroidering on my machines. Love my Berninas!

  6. Keep in mind sometimes we need to replace items that are worn, well used, or sadly broken. It’s not even the expense but the memories. I have been fighting two rotary cutters for months…after all we’ve gone through…the years, the tears, all we have created, why oh why… now are you acting badly? The first one I handed to my spouse as the screw that held the blade was locked. In an attempt to fix it, thankfully, it really broke beyond repair. The second? I just gave it to my husband to “repair” and replaced it with a new cutter. I’m expecting many good years ahead of us. With best of intentions, I pinky pledge to no longer assign human emotions to inanimate objects.

  7. I find that I use my creative grids 6 inch ruler every day. I use it for more than measuring. It comes in handy to hold material while sewing, press out seams, push out corners, and be close to double check small measurements. I had no idea that it could be so useful when I purchased it.

  8. The most appreciated tool in my sewing room is the pair of tweezers that came with my B880+ AE. My current project is a shirt for my husband. This wonderful little tool is almost like having a third hand to hold the fabric steady under the presser foot so I may manipulate cuff and collar points to achieve a top rate edgestitch. I can’t imagine sewing without it!

  9. My favorite sewing tool is my BFF – when I get stuck she’s always there with an answer! I e have similar machines so we can always help each other on projects! Shared Joy for Life!

  10. My favorite tool is a small measuring tape wound in a pink snail which I keep in my handbag. It has been handy whenever I am in a fabric or sewing store.

  11. Maybe a bit different, but one of my favorite (needed) sewing tools is a GOOD seam ripper, to make it easier to correct those inevitable mistakes.

  12. It is hard to narrow down to only one since I am a notion ‘junky”! I would say it is all of my cutting rulers——you get precise cuts and save time too.

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