DIY Chainstitch-Smocked Pillows

DIY Chainstitch-Smocked Pillow

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We made these gorgeous pillows using chainstitch and overlock stitches on our BERNINA overlockers/sergers!

overlocked inner corner - serger tip

How to Pivot Around an Inside Corner with your Overlocker/Serger

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WIth a sewing machine it’s easy to pivot around a corner – just drop the needle, raise the foot, and spin the fabric. But can it be done with an overlocker? Sure it can!

Maxi Skirts - free sewing tutorials

8 Skirts to Sew for Spring: Maxi Skirt Round-Up

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Probably like most the rest of you our weather is so cold and terrible right now, but we are dreaming of Spring…and what better way to look forward to Spring than to sew some maxi skirts?

Elastic binding with L 220 cover / chainstitch machine

Coverstitch and Chainstitch: Free Video Tutorial

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I adore my overlockers. And now I have a new little guy sitting on the table next to my 1150 MDA – the L 220 cover- and chainstitch machine. Love!

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How to Make Stretch Leggings on Your Overlocker/Serger – by IDILVICE

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My new clothing brand – Elastic Wonder – is all about stretch and tight fit. Skin. Tight. Fit. For this type of garment a regular sewing machine just won’t do!

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How to Sew Ruffles on an Overlocker/Serger: Free Video Tutorial

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Do you have a big home dec project on your want-to-do list, but haven’t tackled it yet because it requires many yards of gathered ruffles? Join Connie as she demonstrates how simple it is to gather fabric on an overlocker using a gathering foot.

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Overlocker/Serger Project Roundup with Palak Shah of Make It Handmade

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Guest blogger Palak, from Make It Handmade, has put together a list of links for projects featuring my favorite machine: My overlocker/serger!

serged tank top by michelle jensen for weallsew #sew #serge #serger #overlock #overlocker #fashion #top #tank #summer #free project #free pattern #tutorial

Serged Tank Top

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Who said that sewing with knits is scary? This basic tank top can be your perfect introduction. Made in a flash using an overlocker/serger, it’s so easy you’ll want to make several! Useful for layering or as a stand-alone basic, this tank top will be your go-to garment come the dog days of summer.

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I ♥ My Serger

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I love my serger. I wouldn’t get nearly as much sewing done if it weren’t for this little workhorse. Honestly, for the last year or so my sewing machine has been an “accessory” for my serger, not the other way around! I’ve collected links to some of my favorite serger projects and tutorials. Serge on!

Robes for the Bridesmaids by Kerry Finn #sew #diy #wedding #weallsew

Robes for the Bridesmaids

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What could be more fun than having all of your attendants wearing a new cotton robe while they dress for the wedding? Nicole wanted her attendants to have something special that they could wear again and again. These soft, pink, cotton robes were the perfect choice to bring back memories of a very special day.