How to Sew a Chalkboard Activity Placemat

Chalkboard placemats make a great gift, whether for your little one at home, on the road, or for a friend with creative kids.



Chalkboard Fabric tips before starting

  • Use a foot with a non-stick sole when stitching directly on fabric.
  • Do not pin into the fabric. Pin will leave unwanted holes.
  • Do not iron fabric.



Preparing the mat:

Round the corners of the Chalk Board fabric using a template or plastic lid form your kitchen


Round Corner of Placemat


Cut a 14″ x 18″ piece of fabric from one of the fat quarters. Layer this piece of fabric wrong side up with the batting and the Chalkboard fabric, using Adhesive spray between the layers. This will keep the pieces from sliding around during stitching.


How to layer fabric pieces



Using the pocket pattern provided below, cut a pocket from each of the coordinating Fat Quarters.

Chalkboard Placemat Pocket Pattern

Image 4_for post


Thread the machine and bobbin with 40wt cotton thread and attach ¼ presser foot. With right sides of pocket pieces together, stitch a ¼ around entire pocket leaving an opening at the bottom to turn right side out. After turning, press pocket.


sewing a pocket

Fold over the flap per the fold line on the pocket pattern. Using the BERNINA Edgestitch foot #10 and moving the needle position two spaces to the left, topstitch just the pocket flap in place.


topstitch the pocket flap in place

Place pocket where desired on the placemat. Use tape to hold the pocket in position. Pins will leave holes in Chalkboard fabric. Do not stitch over tape. Remove tape as stitching approaches.


pocket placement


Stitch on the Chalkboard fabric:

Using a chalk marking lightly draw tic-tac-toe lines on the placemat.  Change to 90/14 universal needle, 12wt white cotton thread (leave the 40wt thread in the bobbin) and the BERNINA zigzag foot with on-stitch sole #52C. Choose stitch #6, triple stitch (on the BERNINA 780) and increase stitch length to 4.0. Stitch over the chalk lines drawn onto the placemat.


how to sew on chalkboard fabric


how to stitch on chalkboard fabric


Now that the pocket and tic-tac-toe lines are stitched, trim backing and batting even with chalk fabric.

trim batting with chalkboard lining



From the fat quarter not used for the placemat backing, cut 2 ¼” bias binding. After seaming strips together the bias binding should be at least 50″ long. Attach to the placemat using a ¼” seam allowance.  Turn binding to the back and hand stitch in place. Use binding clips to hold binding in place instead of pins.


attaching binding to a placemat


If you prefer to attach your binding by completely sewing machine there are several BERNINA binding attachments.


Chalkboard Placemat



Enjoy stitching this adorable placemat for someone special!

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