How to Sew a Fabric Candy Bowl + Giveaway

I love having small seasonal projects that can easily be swapped out, and this one has the bonus of being able to hold candy! This oh-so-easy bowl is so fun to make that you will create one for every holiday and all your friends!

Fabric Candy Bowl - MTC_Fabric_Candy_Bowl_01_Beauty_Shot_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1080x1080px Fabric Candy Bowl - MTC_Fabric_Candy_Bowl_02_Beauty_Shot_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1080x1080px Fabric Candy Bowl - MTC_Fabric_Candy_Bowl_03_Beauty

The trick that makes this project come together so quickly is that it is constructed flat, then made dimensional with a ribbon to gather up the sides.

Fabric Candy Bowl Supplies - MTC_Fabric_Candy_Bowl_04_Supplies_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1080x1080px

Supplies to Make a Fabric Candy Bowl

Steps to Make a Fabric Candy Bowl

Layer the two fabrics, right sides together on top of the batting square.

Thread the machine, top and bobbin, with Isacord.

Attach the Reverse Pattern Foot #1C. Using sewing thread and a ½” seam allowance, sew all the way around the outside of the square, leaving a 5” opening on one side. Don’t forget to backstitch!


Clip the corners.


Turn right sides out, using the OESD Point and Press tool to push out the corners.


Press well, tucking the seam allowance in carefully at the opening.


Attach the Edgestitch Foot #10C.


Set needle position to -3.


Align the fabric edge to the left side of the foot blade. Select the triple stitch, and edgestitch all the way around the square. Use the automatic thread cutter when complete!


Attach Button Sew-on Foot #18.


Using the Button Sew-on Program, sew a button on each corner of the square. (This button is purely decorative.) For more information on how to use the Button Sew-on Foot, take a look at Megann Freese’s blog post on buttons and buttonholes from her Garment Sew Along Part 9 blog.


Measure 5” from each point and mark.


Fold at marks and press well.


Measure ¾” from each folded edge and mark a line.


Attach Edgestitch Foot #10C. Select the triple stitch and set the needle position back to center.

Stitch along the marked lines, forming a casing.


Attach a pin or bodkin to your ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the casing and cinch up the bowl.

fabric candy bowl - MTC_Fabric_Candy_Bowl_18_Insert_Ribbon_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1080x1080px

Tie a bow and trim the ribbon ends as desired.

Fabric Candy Bowl - MTC_Fabric_Candy_Bowl_19_Completed_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_1080x1080px

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157 thoughts on “How to Sew a Fabric Candy Bowl + Giveaway

  1. I not working on any handmade Valentine’s gifts this year. I don’t usually make things for Valentine’s Day; I just give cards and maybe a sweet treat or toy.

  2. My group of friends usually have a Galentine’s Day dinner out the week before Valentine’s Day to celebrate friendship. This year, because of Covid, we’ve decided to skip the gathering. Instead, I am making each friend a small zipped pouch in their favorite color. My plan is to deliver it to their doorsteps, filled with sweet treats!

  3. I wasn’t sure what I was making until I saw your post. I’ll be making the little cute little fabric candy bowl for all my favorite valentines (grandchildren) this year. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. I love your Valentine suggestions and will be trying the candy bowl. I am making a quilt for my quilt rack that I use to display holiday decor. I love to decorate and appreciate your crafty suggestions.

  5. This project is just tooo sweet to pass up making and sharing as an expression of LUV and appreciation. Have some ‘purrfect’ fabric in my stash in mind. Cats and Hearts — will be sooo cute.

  6. I am going to try the fabric bowl because I just purchased the button sewing presser foot, and this will be a great chance to give it a try. Love that the pattern can be used for all different fabrics and different seasons!

  7. I’m making heart coasters.I have heart plates and placemats for Valentine’s Day dinner with my sweetheart. (Of 57 years)
    I’ve seen this pouch, smaller, as a jewelry pouch. You can use any size square. Cute.

  8. Was just planning homemade heart cookies where a portion is dipped in chocolate. Now, after seeing the video, think I will go smaller with the cookies and share inside this adorable bag. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. This year I am making fabric Valentine’s Day cards for our women’s golf group. We love to golf in winter so doing little fun things each week brightens up our golf game during cold and drizzly or snowy days. BTW, just love, love, love this fabric bowl…. Going to try out the pattern right now. And thanks for the tips on what Bernina feet to use, this is very helpful. Keep up the great work and instruction.

  10. At the moment I’m quilting a log cabin quilt for a young lady going to college next year in her favorite colors of blue. Now that I have this adorable candy dish, that will be made this weekend for myself and two daughter in laws. Thank you for all the great projects that you send us. It it truly a lot of fun and I love learning things from the projects.

  11. These bowls are SO cute! I have scraps left from my finished Valentine wall hanging and matching bench pillow and a coordinated bowl on the coffee table would be delightful! The ideas on are always inspirational and I come back to them time and time again! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. I don’t know what I’ll be making….depends on how much time I have to get to my sewing room. If my wheelchair bound child is home from school I can’t go to my sewing room as it is in the basement!

  13. I am making my annual heart-shaped cookies but now that I see this…I am going to dig into my stash and try this out! Thanks for this great video and directions!

  14. I love this candy bowl.
    I am working on fabric inspired valentine cards – just glue my favorite heart onto card stock and good to go!

    Good luck to the chosen winner!

  15. I haven’t started anything yet, but I intend to assist my 7yo granddaughter in making this as a surprise for her mom! So cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  16. I’m going to make one of these candy bowls for my Granddaughter! But I think I may do a small embroidered heart outline in place of the buttons — not sure yet.

  17. I am definitely going to make a few of these valentines candy bowls! So easy and elegant looking! Thanks for the pattern and clear instructions.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  18. I don’t normally sew Valentine’s Day gifts but I love that little pouch and could see it being used to store jewelry or small items when traveling. Great project!

  19. My sister and I are making pincushions ( you can NEVER have enough pincushions) but now that I saw this I might some of these, and fill them with Hersey’s kisses!

  20. These are really cute. I think I will do these for my Grandkids, not sure what for the boys, but I am sure the girls would love them!!! Need ideas for the boys!!! Thanks

  21. This candy dish will be perfect for Valentine gifts! Thanks for the complete and easy to follow directions! If it wasn’t in the middle of a snow storm, I’d be tempted to go my dealer today and purchase the #18 foot, glad I have a couple weeks to still get in on the foot discount. Just discovered weallsew – plan to visit this site often!

  22. I don’t usually make things for Valentine’s Day but I love the Fabric Candy Bowl. I’m planning to make one for both my granddaughters at college and my grown daughter. I think they are so cute and can be used later on a dressing table or bedside table.

  23. I will be making the “fabric candy bowl” for valentines day. I have new neighbors that may enjoy receiving a couple of these. The bigger plan is to make a few and fill them with sewing notions as door prizes forour upcoming Guild quilt show. Thanks for the pattern and ideas!

  24. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I was thinking about what to make my grandchildren for Valentine’s Day and this fabric candy bowl sounds like a perfect gift for each child. My grandchildren live far away and with COVID I have not been able to visit as often, so I have been sending boxes of little things on holidays. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Have a glorious day.

  25. I am making bow ties from the pattern you recently shared. My great nephews are into dress-up and share the one bow tie I found at a tag sale. So, bow ties and top hats are on the schedule for sewing.

  26. I wanted to try ruffling with my L890 serger and it was so much fun that I cut strips of blue gingham batiste, edged them with red thread, and created skirts for my granddaughters that spiraled about six rows of ruffles up from the hem. They turned out so cute I bought t-shirts and embroidered them with an appliqué cherries in heart shapes. Then I spied the image of a quilt on another blog. It was a heart made from quarter triangles of a red 5″ stack. With only that image to go by I figured out dimensions and put it together. With many more blocks than needed I ended up making 3 little quilts to hang up for decoration.
    BTW I won the last giveaway: the presser foot mountain. You can see it on my Facebook page Carol Winkler

  27. This candy bowl is so cute. I think this is what I am going to make for my three great grands for Valentines and fill it full of Hershey Kisses! You can’t beat Kisses!

  28. I wasn’t making a thing until I saw the adorable Valentine’s Day Goodie Bag on We All Sew. Now, I realize I have several kids that it would be perfect for! 🙂

  29. I love making cards with my embroidery attachment… I have a 730 Bernina that does a great job! Started some for Valentine’s Day… Recipients sometimes frame my cards as artwork.. Quite a compliment that make me happy!

  30. I just made the fabric candy bowl. I will fill it and take it to a friend who just had surgery. I also just finished making a wine bag. Maybe she needs a bottle of wine too!

  31. Valentine’s Day is MY birthday, so I love crocheting a bunch of red hearts and give out to people I encounter that day. It’s so fulfilling to share my birthday that way.

  32. I will be teaching 25 students to hand sew a felt envelope with a heart closure during the Creative Crafts club I run at the elementary school where I am a counselor. The students will be taught how to use a template to mark and cut felt, make a quilter’s knot, sew on a button, and sew using a running stitch. All great life skills taught to me by my mom when I was in elementary school!

  33. I don’t usually do Valentine’s Day sewing. Made several items to give for Christmas and one may work for the next couple of months – an in the hoop pocket tissue cover. With colds and other things spreading having a handy tissue might be helpful. Stay safe.

  34. For Valentine’s this year, I plan to make some soup bowl holders, using heart fabric, for my adult children, and I’d like to make a couple of these candy bowls for my two sisters.

  35. Wow! You have turned something into a very versatile gift. Thank you! For Valentines Day I am making personalized, reusable gift bags for my grandchildren. Each year they can be filled with treats Grandma sends their way and remind them although I live many miles away they are always in my heart. Saving the planet one step at a time.

  36. I am in the process of finishing a mug rug and then look for fabric for these candy bowls. It is such a neat idea and looks relatively easy to do for the grandchildren. Could also fill it with a small Lego toy.

  37. i bought a Tula Pink 770 QE last year. I live too far away to take classes so I have been watching the videos online. I am planning to make heart shaped mug rugs as gifts for my friends. This machine is way above me but I am determined to learn it!

  38. Lovely ideas! We celebrate Valentine’s Day AND Galentines Day with some college friends, so I am sewing up some fun banners so we can hang them for our FaceTime chat. There are so many beautiful fabrics for this project its hard to decide!

  39. Made a table runner last year. Still working on Christmas winter pillows & placemats. Thought the heart coasters looked interesting to make. Maybe an embroidery design.

  40. I don’t do anything for holidays but gift giving is another thing. I love this easy to make idea. I’ve had the symptoms from a brush with COVID (thank goodness I was vaccinated and boosted) for the last two weeks and haven’t sewn anything but I think I will attempt to do this little project. Maybe it will make me feel better.

  41. For some reason, I am still recovering from Christmas sewing! So no Valentine’s Day sewing for me this year. I am looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, though. Keep the great blog posts coming!

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