Pat Bravo

Username Pat Bravo
Location Miami, FL
Hobbies Besides quilting and sewing... reading, spending time with my family, watching historical documentaries.
Favorite Type of Sewing My favorite sewing projects are… all of them! I love to sew everything that makes my life look more beautiful, like quilts, pillows, home accessories, handbags, and of course clothing!

For me a sewing machine is everything! My passion for sewing began at the age of 9, when I sat at my mother's sewing machine for the first time. At 13, I joined a sewing school in my native Buenos Aires, learning everything about fabrics, dressmaking, and patterns. When it was time to go to college, I decided to study law and sew on the side, but soon realized that this was not my dream. In 1989, my life changed radically when I moved with my husband to the United States and I became pregnant with my son, Alex. Everything was completely new for me: The people, the culture, the food. Then I got my first sewing machine and I fell in love with quilting. After learning all I could about traditional quilting I began stitching art quilts - first landscapes, then more abstract designs. When I couldn’t find batiks in the colors I wanted, I started painting my own fabrics. They became really popular, and this is how I began to design for Art Gallery Fabrics. Designing fabric has become one of my greatest passions. What I feel most excited about is how color can influence design. Colors have their own language and evoke feelings and moods. Working with BERNINA allows me to create a world of beautiful quilting and sewing around me. I'm truly blessed to be now part of the BERNINA family creating projects for its blog,